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[wolf][Last updated in 2007, “Morgan’s Reality Check,” subtitled “Pointing out facts (and opinions) that sometimes get lost in the propaganda shuffle,” was originally on Xanga, then posts were copied to The posts will all be under the category “Reality Check,” and this page has what was sidebar material.

There were two other pages that were part of the site that I’m not moving because they’d both be a pain to reformat: My Iraq Casualty Count Calendar (a visual of casualties/day, and my Iraq Casualty Memorial, a graphical representation of lives lost.]

US Casualty Counts

Bushies lie, people die.

(from Iraq Coalition Casualty Count, last update 28-Jan-05)

Total US casualties 1425
Total Hostile 1087
Total Non-hostile 338

Male: 1395; Female: 30

Number officially listed as suicides: 0

These numbers are military casualties only, and do not include the cost in civilians and injuries.

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Eschaton, Atrios’ blog
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The Inland Anti-Empire
Revolutionary Knitting Circle (was, dead link)

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