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Countering Christians

(the intollerant kind who throw false "facts" in our faces)

Post-9/11 Intolerance

Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson mouthing off (on, ref. to remarks on 2001-09-13)
This one speaks for itself. I would, however like to highlight this comment: If Mr. Robertson truly didn’t understand Mr. Falwell’s remarks, one has to wonder why he responded to them by saying "I concur totally" and then elaborating on the remarks he supposedly hadn’t understood.
Christian Reconstructionists Launch "Operation Potomac" (Feminist Daily News Wire, 2001-10-12)
This is a move to have government adopt "Christian Reconstructionist ideology," which included "liberal application of the death penalty for crimes including homosexuality, abortion, adultery, child disobedience, and witchcraft."
"Exorcizing Religion: Why morality is all we’ve got" (Jonah Goldberg on National Review Online, 2001-10-19)
"In short, Americans are very respectful of private faith as long as it doesn’t result in behavior which conflicts with public morality. This mixture of religious pluralism and moral consensus is one of the things that makes America great. Believe whatever you want, as long as you behave the right way." The way that denies some couples the same legal rights and options as others because of their genders? The way that denies Native Americans the use of peyote in their religious ceremonies?
"God, country gain fragile new toehold" (Kathleen Parker on USAToday, 2001-11-01)
"If we’re to win this war — sure to last into our children’s futures — we have to reweave the rituals of God and country into our institutions." Yes, but who’s God? Who’s rituals? And what about the rest of us? There are many good rebuttals to this on the American Atheists site.

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