Odds and ends

Just some notes as I’m fighting my natural pack-rat tendencies and tossing stuff we don’t really need:

Kept for the neat label: Pirate’s Keg Vanilla Cream Soda. Good stuff, don’t remember where we got it, except that obviously the bottle made it home.

Another one kept for the neat label: Original Brand Pennsylvania Dutch Egg Nog, “Made with real dairy cream, rum, brandy and blended whiskey.” Um, I’ve been taught that the words “blended” and “whiskey” don’t belong in the same sentence. At least, not with good whiskey ;-). I continue from the label: “Made and bottled by Dairyland Distillers Co., Phila., PA.” Whew, this stuff is strong! 29.5 Proof strong. I could drink it as-is, but it was better cut about half-and-half with the store-brand lite eggnog.

Yet another bottle: Red Wolf Roasted Malt Red Ale is what the label says, but the web searches all call it a lager — odd, considering that ales and lagers are two main types of beer. But the label definitely says “Red Ale.” Anyway, seems it went into wide production in 1995 as, “Red Wolf Lager, the first red beer introduced by the Specialty Brewing Group of Anheuser- Busch, Inc.” Wolf person that I am, this one isn’t going to the recycler just yet, nor if the can of the same ale that I found in another spot. Maybe the newly-cleared-out cupboard over the fridge is a good place for some of the “can’t part with it yet” stuff…

And yet another bottle: Orbitz (and I’m trying to duplicate the capitalization) “NaTural fRuiT fLaVoReD BeVeragE,” “raSpbeRry CiitRus” flavor, “a unique, natural fruit-flavored beverage with colorful gel spheres that seemed to defy gravity.” From the forums on Clearly Canadian Beverage Corporation’s web site [http://www.clearly.ca/content/?q=forum/7 gone, linking to Wikipedia instead], it seems to have been popular [linked to darcey55.blogspot.com/2007/09/life-and-death-of-orbitz-fruit-drink.html, now gone] :-).

That’s it for now. I’m going to watch some Bleach on Hulu, then see what I feel like tackling next.

Current Music: *~Asterisk~ by Orange Range (added back in since it didn’t come through on the import)

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