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Kill the mandate, save the bill

(originally posted to Daily Kos)

Well, after yesterday’s epic rumination that did…nothing, I’m trying for something a little more straightforward. What’s wrong with the bill as-is?

Well, it’s missing quite a few things, like the public option, the Medicare buy-in, and a death panel for Lieberman’s career. It still does a lot of good stuff…but the one really BAD thing it does, as of now, is too big and bad for the current bill to be acceptable to those of us who oppose it: the mandate is a disaster that will destroy families and devastate a fragile economy. I’ll let Digby take it from here:
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Odds and ends

Just some notes as I’m fighting my natural pack-rat tendencies and tossing stuff we don’t really need:

Courtesy cut, since this got longer than I’d originally intended…

Holiday ornaments, 2006,2007,2008 update

(crossposting to morgan_gw and morgan_gw2)

As we decorated the tree last night, Dylan realized he was a few years behind on ornaments. Today, we took steps to remedy that, ordering three ornaments from CafePress. I turn the keyboard over to Roland for the explanations…

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Holiday ornaments, 2008

And finally…2008’s holiday ornaments (crossposting to morgan_gw and morgan_gw2):

2008 ornament
Gold heart, purchased while on our belated honeymoon (aka our garlic-moon) in February, at the Heart Beat of Big Sur. It’s kind of hard to tell from the picture, but it looks like a heavy glass.

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Holiday ornaments, 2007

2007 ornament
2007’s holiday ornament (text copied from my Yule Stuff post on LiveJournal):

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Holiday ornaments, 2006

2006’s holiday ornament: Let The People Rule Ornament

2006 ornament
The Democratic party retook Congress. That didn’t turn out as well as we’d hoped, but at least it blunted the single-party rule we’d had for years.

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Holiday ornaments, 2005

2005’s holiday ornament: Silver star with phoenix rising (formerly at, by Meg Davenport) — hope is returning :-).

2005 ornament
Also, purple and gold magic wand, since the colors are Mardi Gras-ish, as a Katrina memorial (photo pending).

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Holiday ornaments, 2004

2004’s holiday ornament: “Hope” red velvet pillow

2004 ornament
After a year of campaigning and putting energy into social change, and being…disappointed…on election day, this one just jumped out at us. Perhaps a bit prophetic? 😉

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Holiday ornaments, 2003

2003’s holiday ornament: Bears: Brian and Dylan

2003 ornament
Brian (my older son, ref. the earlier ornaments, esp. 1982) visited for the holidays. This was the first time we’d seen him since 1994, though we’d been in regular contact via phone and internet.

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Holiday ornaments, 2002

2002’s holiday ornament: Tall Ship

2002 ornament
In honor of the 7th Sea RPG, which we spent a lot of time playing, and especially the publication of the Explorer’s Society book, which Roland was lead writer on. Purchased at Dragonmarsh in Riverside

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