Rialto phonebook photos

Taken from an email I got from my Dad, which he got from my sister, which she got from our local historian John Adams.

Photos and ads of Rialto businesses in 1959-1961

1. Benjestorf’s and MacKown’s studio
MacKown's studio and Benjestorf's

2. Clark’s Radio and TV and Kelley’s Mobilgas
Clark's Radio and TV and Kelley's Mobilgas

3. Fon Ri Lanes
Fon Ri Lanes

4. Golden Bull Steak and Chop House and Myr-Wood Restaurant. R.W. (Woodie) Gillete, the chef and owner of the Myr-Wood Restaurant, is standing in front.
Golden Bull and Myr Wood Restaurants

5. Kolb and Davis Custom Meats. Ben Kolb Sr. is at left.
Kolb and Davis Custom Meats

6. Owen’s Rialto Pharmacy
Owen's Pharmacy

7. Rialto Friendly Market and Rialto Lumber Co.
Rialto Friendly Market and Rialto Lumber Co

8. Tony’s Taco Teria and the Cottage Inn. (That’s what the text said, but the image is for the Chevy dealer.)
Roy H. Woods Chevrolet

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