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Hopefully, I’ll get a few more posts made today. In the meantime, I’ll share some list-your-stuff and other social networking type sites:

My Listal profile, for movies I’ve seen (rentals, etc.), games we own, music. etc. While there are a few things here that they categorize under “books,” my main book list is at…

My LibraryThing profile. It was rather disconcerting to discover just what percentage of our books are gaming books :-). This list will always be a work in progress of course, but as of this writing I still have at least one more shelf to go through (every time I think I’m done, I remember another place where there are a few more books). No, wait, there’s the shelf in the bedroom, and the boxes in the garage… sigh ;-).

If you have a Netflix account, I can friend you on that and then you can see our queue. Here’s their “be my friend” link [ed. note: dead link removed]. Bear in mind that most of the queue is Dylan’s — our deal is two for him, one for us, and ours only go into the low 40s at the moment.

My Amazon profile, which includes wish lists for both of us.

My YouTube profile, which I have mostly for the playlists.

My XBOX Live Gamer Card, which is of limited use to anyone else since we don’t generally do online multiplayer.

My BOINC stats, for the various projects I have our computers chugging away at. Why I’m in there twice I’m not sure yet, since I used the same email for all the projects…

If you know of any other social sites I may be on, ask and if I am I’ll link. While I do have MySpace and Facebook accounts, I hardly ever check them, so they’re not really good for socializing.

Let me know if any of these links don’t work, because sometimes what I can see when I’m logged in isn’t what others can see :-).

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