Some days you get the bear

Time for some good news for a change :-).

Judicial Nominee Estrada Withdraws Name
Sep 4, 10:42 AM (ET)

WASHINGTON (AP) – Miguel Estrada, President Bush’s embattled nominee for a federal appeals court judgeship, has withdrawn his name from consideration, ending a bitter battle with Senate Democrats who blocked his nomination, administration officials said Thursday

One down, Owens and Pryor to go…

U.S. Court Blocks Plan to Ease Rule on Media Owners

WASHINGTON, Sept. 3 A federal appeals court issued a surprise order today blocking the Federal Communications Commission from imposing new rules that would make it easier for the nation’s largest media conglomerates to add new markets and areas of business.

Little victories, but I’m sure we all know the sayings about everything having to start somewhere.

(by Morgan, 4 Sep 2003 1:55 PM)

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