Some thoughts on the California Recall

For those of you who are out of state and therefor won’t get the Statewide Special Election Voter Information Guide, here are a few highlights. You can also read it online at the above link.

There are 135 candidates listed: 50 Democrats, 42 Republicans, 32 Independents, 4 Greens, 3 Libertarians, 2 Natural Law, 1 American Independent, and 1 Peace and Freedom. This includes those who dropped out after being qualified.

For the record, only those candidates who "have accepted the voluntary spending limits" are allowed to submit statements for the booklet (116 did, though not all submitted statements). Schwarzenegger did not, nor did McClintock or Simon (though in his case it might be because he dropped out relatively early on). It’s not a Republican thing, though, because Ueberroth did accept the limits. Bustamante, Huffington and Camejo also accepted the limits, and submitted statements.

I give the following awards to candidate statements that caught my eye:

Shortest Entry:
"I breathe."

First Runner Up (and more relevant, IMO):
"Please Vote." followed by the candidate’s URL

Best Sense of Humor:
"Please vote for me, thus breaking the Seventh Seal and incurring Armageddon. I will legalize drugs, gambling, and prostitution so they may be taxed and regulated, the funds derived would subsidize the deficit, education, and the environment. I believe in peaceful resolutions backed by a strong military; I don’t care who you marry or have sex with."

None of this changes my vote, though. Check out the "Blatant Plugs" in the left-hand column if you don’t already know were we stand :-).

Morgan  /|\
Just hoping California doesn’t come out of this circus worse off in addition to $66,000,000 poorer

(by Morgan, Fri, 12 Sep 2003 12:00 PM)

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