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Holiday ornaments, 2004

2004’s holiday ornament: “Hope” red velvet pillow

2004 ornament
After a year of campaigning and putting energy into social change, and being…disappointed…on election day, this one just jumped out at us. Perhaps a bit prophetic? 😉

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The Bush-Boxer Voter

The Democrats’ real dilemma

I’m still in a mild state of shock after the re-selection of Dear Leader and company. Like many Democrats, progressives, moderates, and varied sane people, I’m trying to wrap my brain around enough people casting their ballots for the crew that’s eviscerating our economy, demolishing the federal budget, betraying our fundamental values at home and abroad, getting the troops “we support” killed by the Bushel, and otherwise making an utter and unholy mess of everything they touch. Confusing me further is a phenomenon I am at a loss to explain: California voters who chose Bush for President but also helped reelect Barbara Boxer.
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Terror v. Incompetence

Greetings, gentle readers. My apologies for the relatively long dearth of posts; the post-election season has been, at turns, depressing, frightening, and incredibly busy. I’m hard at work (well, maybe not too hard at work 😉 coming up with a strategy/ideological framework for our local think tank, dealing with the holidays, and trying to get my professional writing done. Still, there’s always a bit of time to ruminate on the current crises, particularly when there are so many to choose from.

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A Tale of Two Memes

Inspired by Oliver Willis’ brilliant Brand Democrat line:

Two great memes that meme great together? We can only hope. *G*

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Mrs. Roland X Is Always Right, Part One

Rice Has Surgery for Noncancerous Growths.

Yeah. She’s having the last remaining vestiges of her conscience surgically removed.

Stolen shamelessly from my brilliant, beautiful, wonderful wife. (No, it’s not on her blog. Call it a perk. 😉

(/) Roland X
Expecting a visit from the Secret Service any day now…

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Beyond Outrage

…is simply grief.

Certainly, the assault on Falluja has given the Iraqi people a lot to look at, and a lot to think about. Some 200,000 people — the great majority of Falluja’s population of some 300,000 — were driven out of their city by news of the imminent attack and the US bombardment. No agency of government, US or Iraqi, which turned off the city’s water and electricity in preparation for the assault, offered assistance. Nor did the United Nations Refugee Agency or any other representative of the international community appear. And where are the people now? And what stories are the expelled 200,000 telling the millions of Iraqis among whom they are now mixing? We don’t know. No one seems to be interested.

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Liberty and Justice For All: A Frame for Democrats

So the early conclusion on the election is this: We Need A Coherent Message. I couldn’t agree more. Now the big question is, “what is our message?”

Simple. Liberals, progressives, and Democrats as a whole can differ on various aspects of the philosophy, but the basic meme is fair play. Republicans and the conservatives who enable them (not to be confused with classic conservatives) like to say “life is not fair.” We need to respond “we can make it fair.” The package for this is simple: the classic phrase “liberty and justice for all.” How does that fit? Again, simple.

Liberty is, hopefully, self-explanatory. Civil rights, equal rights, and most especially the basic freedoms granted by the Bill of Rights. You can say what you want, write what you want, believe what you want, and get together with any willing group you want, as long as you don’t hurt anyone doing it. The modern Republican party is, basically, against this now. We need to point out the large freedom gap.
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Why Terrorists Are Still Our Worst Enemies

For all Bush and his cronies have done, no horror they have yet committed competes with this travesty:

A video apparently showing the murder of aid worker Margaret Hassan seems to be genuine, says the Foreign Office.

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I thought I knew what outrage overload was, until today when the sheer righteous fury literally made my head hurt.

I am crossposting this to my LiveJournal account. Today’s events have taught me that there is no more neutral ground, and no excuse for remaining silent. Never again.

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The Long Twilight Struggle

I may not be a member of the “reality-based community,” but I do know how to face facts. Even if a miracle happens in Ohio or Florida, we (that is, sane Americans) must now take stock.

Let’s assume, for the moment, that Ohio was stolen. (I do.) Let’s even assume, for the moment, that after the mountain of Florida ballots are counted, Kerry closes significantly — still losing, but making it a lot closer. (Obviously, if he wins Florida, everything changes.) Which would mean that Florida, too, was stolen…again.

This does not change the fact that it would take a lot of voter theft for the popular vote to go the other way. More than even I am willing to swallow. It was close, sure. It was a lot closer than George “Mandate” Bush wants to admit, and that’s with the advantages of incumbency, war, a huge base of rabid religious fanatics, the Osama surprise, the most powerful spin machine the world has ever known, a compliant media, and enough lies to choke a horse.

He still won.

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