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Ultimate Campaign Commercial

This is one powerful commercial. I found it on “Views from the Cyberhenge,” and agree with Isaac that this should go viral.

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Spells for Democracy, Oct. 24

Two weeks and three Tuesdays to go :-).

From Views from the Cyberhenge:

Tomorrow’s (10/24) Spell for Democracy

Our original list of 13 spells for 13 Tuesdays has tomorrow’s spell being, “Set up an energy matrix on the astral around all polling places to ensure fairness.” This is a spell that all American Pagans should be willing to participate in, considering the many justified fears about voting machine errors (or hacking), renegade partisans trying to suppress voting among particular population groups, badly trained electoral volunteers, lack of translators for voters needing them, and other threats to a completely fair and honest election.

Everyone in our Spells for Democracy e-group has his or her own way of working magic, but here’s a suggestion for one way that might be effective:

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Spells for Democracy: Release the salamanders!

I don’t know if I mentioned this before, but a while back I saw a post about Spells for Democracy on Isaac Bonewits’ blog. At first I didn’t put too much attention on it, then on 9/26 we did that week’s spell:

(09/26) Klutzokinesis spell on opposition candidates, political party spin- masters to make them accidentally speak truth in public

A few days later, the Foley story broke. We couldn’t help but notice the timing.

More below the fold…

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Watching the Religious Right

The heat, humidity, and need to get off my duff and get the house ready for a termite inspection tomorrow have my brains mushy enough that I can’t come up with any good commentary on this, so forgive my posting something without adding much of my own :-).

From my favorite “Neopagan curmudgeon,” a link to the current newsletter from Americans United for Separation of Church and State on watching and dealing with the Religious Reich.

It includes a list of the top ten Religious Reich leaders, ten steps you can take to fight the RR, and an overview of the power now held by the theocrats who want to rule America.

IMO, we here on this Street are already doing a lot of these :-).
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“If they really cared, they’d be Republicans.”

As the Blogfather notes, Frank Luntz is still evil, but I don’t think he picked up on how evil (warning: PDF file):

3. What would Jesus do? Tell me what YOU would do and leave Jesus out of it. The time for a conversation about faith and spirituality is in the general election, not the primaries. Democrats don’t want to hear about your church. If they really cared, they’d be Republicans.

Emphasis on last sentence mine.

More below the flip.

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He Said He Was A Uniter

Crossposted to/from Big Orange.

Every so often, I feel compelled to return to this issue, the heart of what shows that Bush is evil — not just his administration, nor Bush himself merely incompetent — but the man himself, the puppet sitting in the Oval Office. He bears responsibility, no matter how he might try to avoid it.

Below the fold, I am going to ask you to come back with me, back to That Day, back to when the millennium truly turned and America changed forever — just not the way we thought or hoped. Just a heads-up.

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In “Honor” of Box Turtle Ben

Two things differentiate me and BTB. One: I’m stating outright that most of this comes from another source [1]. Two: I actually changed a few words. 🙂

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ACLU program on religious freedom

I know we’re not supposed to post links with no substantive commentary, but I wanted to let folks know about this one :-).

The ACLU Freedom Files: Religious Freedom (ed. note: link was updated to YouTube, but the video doesn’t seem to be up anymore)

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Corporate personhood?

I saw something about this topic in a diary comment while I was catching up yesterday, but it was too far past to comment on. I was going to mention, corporations are only people for the rights, not the responsibilities, and that’s just plain wrong.

Then, today I got this on an email list.

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Fixing the broken triangle

Roland just sent me a link to an interesting story about the interrelation of the netroots, the “traditional” media, and the political leadership: THE (Broken) TRIANGLE: Progressive Bloggers in the Wilderness [1]:

“This, then, is the reality: progressive bloggers and online activists – positioned on the front lines of a cold civil war – face a thankless and daunting task: battle the Bush administration and its legions of online and offline apologists, battle the so-called “liberal” media and its tireless weaving of pro-GOP narratives, battle the ineffectual Democratic leadership, and battle the demoralization and frustration that comes with a long, steep uphill struggle.”

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