The Bush revenge brigade hits the SCLM

While we found a better permalink to this article on the Guardian, a UK paper, it showed up on our Excite feed. In Newsview: Cross Bush, Face Payback:

But Bush and his chief political adviser, Karl Rove, are essentially following the same game plan that the late Lee Atwater – an early political mentor of Rove’s – used to get the first President Bush elected in 1988: define and undercut an opponent early with a fusillade of negative attacks.

“This team is tough. You cross them and they go after you and raise questions about you and your credibility rather than what you have to say,” said Thomas Mann, a scholar with the Brookings Institution.

Read more on the Justice Log, 3/27/2004 06:22 PM (and on Daily Kos)

Ed. Note: The Kos post included a poll:
Is ShrubCo done for?

  • 24% (15 votes): Yeah, and it’s about time! The truth and they think it’s hell…
  • 41% (26 votes): Not dead yet…
  • 33% (21 votes): They’ve just begun to fight.

Total: 62 votes

4 Responses to “The Bush revenge brigade hits the SCLM”

  • Avatar Roland:

    Comment from Daily Kos:

    I believe ,as kos posted a couple of days ago,that this adminastation has suffered many “paper cuts”and is bleeding credibility.Until the SCLM see a couple of pints on the floor they will dare not go up against it.Our job is to inflict so many papercuts the SCLM see those 2 pints on the floor.

    by ctkeith on Sat Mar 27, 2004 at 11:22:25 PM PST

  • Avatar Roland:

    Comment from Daily Kos:

    Bush beats Kerry by 2 points

    Poll conducted Thursday and Friday says
    Bush 45%
    Kerry 43%
    Nader 5%

    Thanks a lot, Ralph.

    by jfern on Sun Mar 28, 2004 at 12:09:00 AM PST

    • Avatar Roland:

      Comment from Daily Kos:

      What a shock.

      Maybe all the yammering from the GOP about how this is seen only as a partisan struggle (with Kerry’s entry into the debate going along with this) is true.

      Nothing seems to actually hit Bush. Well we’ve got months to the election…maybe something will stick to him.

      by JamesB3 on Sun Mar 28, 2004 at 12:27:09 AM PST

  • Avatar Roland:

    Comment from Daily Kos:

    Of Course

    None of the slime treatment would be effective without the he said/she said model of reportage so in vogue with the SCLM these days.. They are as complicit as Bush in the attacks on the integrity and credibility of all who have pointed out the Chimperor has no clothes. I long for the day those bastards true colors are displayed for all to see, and I want nothing less than a full accounting of all the damage that has been inflicted to our country in the name of their “objectivity”.

    Kai’s Example Dilemma> “A Good Analogy is like a Diagonal Frog.

    by bigring55t on Sun Mar 28, 2004 at 01:54:41 AM PST

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