US soldiers in Iraq asked to pray for Bush

Finally back, in spirit as well as body. Roland’s father crossed over relatively peacefully on 3/23.

The news just keeps getting worse and worse, and not just in terms of body counts. Sometimes the spin is so blatant we have to wonder how anyone falls for it. Here’s the latest item that turned our stomachs, from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Sunday, March 30, 2003. 2:55am (AEST):

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US soldiers in Iraq asked to pray for Bush

They may be the ones facing danger on the battlefield, but US soldiers in Iraq are being asked to pray for President George W Bush.

Thousands of marines have been given a pamphlet called "A Christian’s Duty," a mini prayer book which includes a tear-out section to be mailed to the White House pledging the soldier who sends it in has been praying for Bush.

"I have committed to pray for you, your family, your staff and our troops during this time of uncertainty and tumult. May God’s peace be your guide," says the pledge, according to a journalist embedded with coalition forces.

The pamphlet, produced by a group called In Touch Ministries, offers a daily prayer to be made for the US president, a born-again Christian who likes to invoke his God in speeches.

And what about those members of our Armed Forces who aren’t Christians? The Jews and Pagans and Atheists and Muslims and others? My prayers are with them, both because they’re in harm’s way, and because they’re finding themselves fighting for a country who no longer seems to respect the rights they thought they’d be defending when they enlisted.

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