Why another journal?

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I’ve been thinking for a while that a) I need to get rid of a bunch of “stuff” that’s taking up space in our not-very-big house, b) that’s easy to say in the abstract, but lots of that “stuff” has sentimental value, c) it’s really the sentiments, the memories, that have the value, d) so why not write down what the memories are, so they’re not lost, and then get rid of the chachka?

Another reason for writing this stuff down is, for a lot of these things, no one in the household now knows the stories that go with the stuff. To them, it’s “why does she have this thing sitting around?” And, since off-site backup is a good thing, it hit me that creating an LJ to tell these little bits of stories might be a good way to get them recorded and do it someplace safe.


Here it is. Below the fold, I’ll try to maintain a list in chrono order of the dates that go with later posts (i.e. if I make a post about something that happened in 1985, it’ll show up in this list as 1985).

That’s it for now. I just wanted to get this set up — I’ll post later :-).

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