You Know the Military’s Getting Desperate When…

…they’re using mass e-mail marketing to recruit. Received in my inbox today:

Are you in good physical condition? Age of 18 and older? If so, click here for incredible jobs and careers in today’s United States Military! Free money for college! Free travel! Free ‘on-the-job’ training! Your FREE Information will be mailed to you ASAP! Click here now!

The link went through the "get paid to read email" service I’m I was signed up with (, to which led to A WhoIs on yields:

National Direct Lead Systems Inc
ALPHARETTA, Georgia 30022
United States

A Google of "National Direct Lead Systems" yields…nada. Hmmm…

I know they’re desperate for more troops and don’t want to activate the draft in an election season, but jeez!

(by Morgan, 25 Sep 2003 12:00 PM)

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