Our (virtual) wedding location

After some discussion, we’ve decided to hold the wedding at the Wayfarer’s Chapel. This would probably be especially impractical in realspace — it’s a small, highly popular venue that’s a good distance away. (It’s also quite expensive.) However, one of the great advantages of this method is that we need not worry about space, time or expense. Everyone with a browser can fit “inside.”

As for the other reasons, it’s completely ecumenical, and…well, it’s gorgeous! A mostly-glass building surrounded by woods, on a cliff by the ocean? How could a couple of neo-pagans do better? :-) I was a bit dubious when Morgan first described it to me, but a few years back while we were touring the area, we stopped by. Suffice to say that it made enough of an impression that even several years later, when she asked about venues for the virtual wedding, this was the first location that came to my mind. An interior image is past the break.

Wayfarers interior sm

Morgan adds: There’s also an interactive, panoramic 360 degree view of the inside of the chapel (or at least there used to be, at picturebubbles.com/gallery/08_wayfarers_01.html).

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