Ladies of Honor

Roland and I have decided to go with three attendants each, but didn’t want to have to choose one to be the “honor attendant” over the other two. This means he has three Best Men and I’ll have three… “Maids/Matrons of Honor” is cumbersome, and IMO their titles shouldn’t depend on their current marital status, so I’m calling them my Ladies of Honor :-).

Since all four of us are on Facebook we’ll probably do a lot of our kibitzing there, but I also wanted to introduce them here as well.

In the order I met them:

  • Shelli was my BFF (not that anyone used BFF in the 70s) in high school. We lost track of one another after graduation, until reconnecting again on Facebook. If I’d gotten married fairly soon after graduating, there would have been little doubt she would have been in the wedding party.
  • Susan, who I have to work to not call Selene (sell-eh-ney, not sell-een), I met through the Society for Creative Anachronism in the 90s. We both have an interest in heraldry, as well as many contemporary forms of geekery.
  • Blake is the physically closest of the party, though it’s a close call with one of the Best Men. We met her through Dean Meetups in 2004, and have stayed in touch despite not doing nearly as much politically anymore.

Since this is an open blog, I’ll leave it to them how much more they want to share about themselves.

Thanks to all three of them for participating, even as we’re making parts of this up as we go along :-).

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