Best Men

Time for me to finally put my two bits worth in. :-)

As Morgan noted, we’ve decided to go with three attendants each, but didn’t want to have to choose one to be the “honor attendant” over the other two. Fortunately, I didn’t have her linguistic travails; “Best Men” was nice and simple. Of course, I think Ladies of Honor came out nice, but I’m biased.

In contrast to the Honorable Ladies, not all of us are on Facebook, so the blog will probably be the best place to coordinate our activities. As such, I’m taking another page from my hunny and doing a brief round of introduction here. In the order I met them:

  • Keith is my oldest, er, has been my friend since my first semester at college. I’ve considered him a water brother for longer than I’m going to say here, and he was my roommate when I moved back to Connecticut (after two years in Florida). We’ve both been busy with life since getting married, but stay in touch intermittently.
  • I met Joseph, whom I know as Seosaidh (and it’s weird calling him Joseph), through Morgan — sort of. We’d already “met” in alt.callahans (the Usenet iteration of Callahan’s Place, and I have him to thank after a fashion for Morgan and I meeting, but I hadn’t really gotten to know him until I moved out here. Shared interests in roleplaying and metaphysics have resulted in him being my closest friend “on the ground,” as it were.
  • I met Jim (whom I know as Jared; see above *g*) through the SCA. My own interest in the SCA was primarily through my connection to Morgan’s hip, but I came to appreciate the ideals of the group. We got to be friends through common-ish faith to some extent, but more through fandom in its many forms, especially a shared fondness for the Man of Steel.

One last cue from Morgan — since this is an open blog, I’ll let them decide how much more they want to share.

Thank you all for joining; lets have some fun. :-)

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Robin Phoenix (formerly Roland X, they/them): A lifelong liberal/progressive, I’m proud to be part of the struggle for environmental, social, and economic justice. As a mixed race, non-binary neo-pagan, I’m also a living progressive Bingo card. *g*

3 thoughts on “Best Men

  1. keithm

    January 29 2012
    Sorry for the delay folks; I entered this two weeks ago, but only now realized that it somehow didn't actually get posted.

    Nice one, Bro, but I've got a few more years before I have a mid-life crisis. :)

    For those of you who haven't seen me, I am six foot two with eyes of blue. I am frequently and happily in the company of my wonderful better half Delari.

    Peter (in his pre-Roland days) got me through my 3rd attempt at Calculus. I saw that he was a good man when it counted, and despite making him wince with puns from time to time, we became longtime friends.

    My virtual credentials are mostly not online. I played D&D and GURPS for a few years with Pete, and attended Renaissance Festivals (complete with medieval garb) with my girlfriend Delari. I don't have an alternate name.

    I'm a fan of Anne McCaffery and Isaac Asimov since high school, and have read nearly all the fiction written by Douglas Adams and Terry Pratchett. I was a latecomer to the whole Buffy scene, but will now go out of my way to see almost anything made by Joss Whedon.

    I'm a tech enthusiast but not to an extreme (my mobile phone is a simple clamshell variety, for example.) I am balance by Delari, who is very unenthusiastic about modern technology. But don't let that fool you; she can take her sewing machine apart and put it back together blindfolded…and it will work properly!

    Roland and I infrequently trade missives these days, but we're still connected. Seosaidh, Jared, I'm looking forward to hearing more about you.

    – Keith

  2. Morgan

    Roland has often said that "I got Keith through calculus, and he got me through life." :-)

    I also find it amusing that all of my ladies are shorter than I am, and all of Roland's guys are taller than he is. No significance, just one of those quirks of reality :-).

  3. Roland X

    Wow. It has been a while, bro. I didn't know you're a Whedonite, or that you're doing the Ren thing. (I enjoyed Firefly, but despite a couple of tries I never could quite get into Buffy.) Glad to know that you and Delari are still doing so well.

    As for the Calculus/life thing…guys, all the friends I have in the northeast, I met through Keith. :-)


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