LoH gowns

Unless one of my ladies has an objection, it looks like a decision’s been made on their gowns. :-)

The gown: Chiffon Empire Waist Evening Dress with Long Sleeve Lace Bolero Jacket

30300# _10_ bolero_lace
(EDIT: The link to mixweddingdresses is dead as of 2013, and I can’t find the image for the lace jacket anywhere else. I’ve replaced the original image link with one that seems close to what I recall using at the time.)

The gown doesn’t come in the preferred shade of blue, so we’ll have our wonderful virtual seamstress dye them a shade somewhere around Persian/Egyptian/Palatinate blue (since colors look different on different monitors, I figured picking more than one would be sure everyone is thinking in the same color family). The shade from the jacket selections is “blue.”

For reference: PersianEgyptianPalatinate

* * *
The runners up, kept from the working version of this post instead of putting them in the comments:

Classic V-neck Chiffon with sleeves Classic V-neck Chiffon with sleeves

A-line Square Floor-length Elastic-Woven Satin A-line Square Floor-length Elastic-Woven Satin

Caterina Style 6006 (Edit: Adding this one in case the original image for the Caterina Style 6006 in the comments goes away, since I can’t edit comments.)

3 thoughts on “LoH gowns

  1. Morgan Post author

    When asked, Roland said his preferences were #2 (A-line Satin), #5 (Caterina Style 6006) and #4 (Classic V-neck Chiffon), but they're mild opinions and he thinks any of them are fine. He is familiar with the basic morphology of 2/3 of the ladies :-).

    1. Morgan Post author

      The numbers don't work since I finalized the post, but the names should still make it clear which he liked.


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