We’re arranging for two separate options here.

First, to get the wedding party from the church to the reception site, a basic black stretch limo, not necessarily the one linked but something much like it. Arrangements would be made to get everyone’s cars to Marina del Rey so no one has to go back to the church after the reception to pick them up.

Second, the “get-away” car. We’ve decided to go all out on this, with a 1927 Packard Touring Sedan.


The runner-up for the get-away car was a 1973 Rolls-Royce Convertible (which, as of 2019, they no longer seem to have).

Honorable mention to a get-away car suggested by Keith, one of Roland’s Best Men: The 1966 Batmobile. There are driveable replicas of that around :-).

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