As mentioned in an early post, I got the idea to do this whole virtual-wedding thing while planning a wedding for one of our RPGs. One of the cakes I’d looked at for them caught Roland’s eye for our use, and I agreed :-).

The reason the title of this post is plural is that it also includes a Groom’s Cake. Since there won’t be a rehearsal dinner, the Groom’s Cake will be an alternate flavor at the reception.

Photos and more info after the cut…

After some of the comments about plastic staircases on Cake Wrecks I almost reconsidered this one :-). For the main wedding cake, we start with the Multi-tiered Cinderella Castle Wedding Cake (the first pic on the page):


…Except we lose the little pumpkin carriage and the lighted fountain, maybe have a different bride&groom figure (more on that later if I choose one), and change the castle to look more like Castle Hyrule from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess:



For the Groom’s Cake, Roland saw one he loves on the Mass Effect forums (gone as of Oct. 2016), which another groom had made for his wedding:

Normandy 1 Normandy 2

Normandy 3 Normandy conversation wheel

Roland is a big fan of the Normandy SR-1, and likes the conversation wheel in the last pic, though he would make a slight edit to the choice in yellow ;-).

1 thought on “Cakes

  1. hillbillycavewoman

    A Legend-of-Zelda castle would indeed make that perfect!

    The only trouble with these fantastic creations is that it's a shame to eat/destroy them. So my hope is that its flavour would be worthwhile


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