Lots of pictures in this one, since it’s covering a lot of ground :-).

Back when we were going to have a real-space ceremony, I decided I wanted blue irises and white roses. While I don’t recall why I wanted irises, I’ve decided I still want to go with that, at least for the bride’s bouquet. I wasn’t able to find any one image that really leapt out, so here are four that I’d show the florist:

Bouquet 2 Bouquet

012 Brides bouquet bouquet-handtied-rose-iris-ivy-freesia-purple

(reference links: [1]; [2];;

Rather than bouquets, the Ladies of Honor will carry white faux fur muffs with floral accents. Again, no exact pics, but these should give the idea (the second is for how the flowers might look, since it’s not fur):

bridal-bouquets-muff Wedding-Bridesmaids-Muffs-Up-Close.jpg

(Ref. links: 19 Bridal Bouquet Types; Winter Wonderland Wedding [3])

For the flowers on the muffs (from Kimberly Renee Creations [4]; the one on the right is a replacement I found when I thought I’d lost the original image):

image-195 krc-sample

For the Groom and Best Men (from and [5]):

groom-btn groomsmen

And one more, wristlets for the mothers (from Kimberly Renee Creations [6], MOB on the left, MOG on the right):

IM000042.JPG IM000411.JPG

For the church, the web site says:

The Chapel is already decorated for you so you do not need to provide any flowers or other decorations. The altar and chancel have seasonal white flowers except during December when red poinsettias grace the front of the Chapel.

And for the reception… still thinking about that one, but we’ll probably go with something like these blue hydrangeas:


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[6] was, Periwinkle_White_Corsage1.jpg and 1_Periwinkle_White_Wristlet.jpg

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