Ladies of Honor Accessories

Given that even nice weather in February can mean cold evenings, I wanted to find a pretty way for my honorable ladies to stay warm :-). After looking at a few alternatives, I decided on these White Short Haired Faux Fake Fur Stole With Matching Muffs:

White Short Haired Faux Fake Fur Stole With Matching Muff

In fact, I think the bride will have one of those stoles, too :-).

While writing this post, I realized I never posted about what else the ladies and I are wearing besides the chosen gowns (mine and theirs). We’re going with birdcage veils, something like this:


The bride’s veil will be a little longer, coming down to the nose, in white with pale blue accents. The Ladies’ will have the flowers in blue to match the gowns.

For the rest, their shoes will be simple mid-heel pumps dyed to match the gowns, I’m sticking with soft ballet-style slippers due to my foot issues. No necklaces, since the gowns have nice neckline details. Earrings are optional, and each of the ladies can choose their own, so I’ll let them describe them.

4 thoughts on “Ladies of Honor Accessories

  1. hillbillycavewoman

    re the birdcage veils:
    I only worry that they'll interfere with eyeglasses (for those of who wear eyeglasses).

    Then again, maybe a virtual opthomolagist can fit us all with comfortable new contact lenses?



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