Clothing Recap

For ease of visualizing on the Big Day, I wanted to collect the images of what everyone will be wearing into one post. Like the “Flowers” post, this will be a long one. It summarizes the details from:

~ ~ ~ The Bride ~ ~ ~

The skirt from this gown:

Mon Cheri 112206 Mon Cheri 112206 Fountanna

Combined with the bodice from this one:

Bonny 1814 Bonny 1814 back

The gown would be in very pale blue instead of white, something similar to this powder-blue scarf.

The bride will be wearing a birdcage veil, something like this, but with the veil coming down to the nose and with the flowers in pale blue to match the gown:


The shoes will be soft ballet-style slippers due to her foot issues. Jewelry will be various items that Roland has given her for special occasions: A diamond bracelet for their original wedding, pearl drop earrings for Mother’s Day one year, and the amethyst heart pendant he gave her when they first met in person.

And for the bride’s bouquet, blue irises and white roses, something like these:

Bouquet Bouquet 2
~ ~ ~ The Ladies of Honor ~ ~ ~

The gown:
Chiffon Empire Waist Evening Dress with Long Sleeve LaceBolero Jacket

30300# _10_ bolero_lace

The gowns will be a shade somewhere around Persian/Egyptian/Palatinate blue (since colors look different on different monitors, I figured picking more than one would be sure everyone is thinking in the same color family). The shade from the jacket selections is “blue.”

For reference: PersianEgyptianPalatinate

The ladies will also be wearing birdcage veils, with the veil short like the one shown above and the flowers in blue to match their gowns.

To ward off evening chill, all four ladies will have White Short Haired Faux Fake Fur Stoles, with the Ladies of Honor having matching muffs with flower accents in lieu of bouquets:

White Short Haired Faux Fake Fur Stole With Matching Muff krc-sample

For the rest, the LoH’s shoes will be simple mid-heel pumps dyed to match the gowns. No necklaces, since the gowns have nice neckline details. Earrings are optional, with each of the ladies choosing their own.

~ ~ ~ The Groom and Best Men ~ ~ ~
tux-groom tux-men-bow

For the men’s flowers, an iris for the groom and blue roses for the Best Men (from and

groom-btn groomsmen
~ ~ ~ The Mothers ~ ~ ~

And lastly, wristlets for our moms (as noted on the Flowers post, I managed to not get copies of these images and the original site is long gone).

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