(This is the post for between the ceremony and the reception — see the outline post for a list of all the day’s events. Members of the wedding party should feel free to add anything else they wish in the comment section. )

Continued from the Ceremony…

Once the recessional is complete, Roland and Morgan form a very short receiving line just outside the door. The Ladies of Honor and Best Men are the first ones “through” the line, where the bride and groom thank them again for helping with this special, slightly manic day. From there, they greet the other guests with heartfelt thanks for coming. (OOC: Anyone who wishes, we’ll see you in the comments. *g*)

Meanwhile, the bride’s/groom’s/ladies/men prepare to leave the site as neat as we found it, mingling with guests, gathering up the quaich and leftover programs, and wrapping up with the site staff. Guests have some time to enjoy the chapel’s beautiful grounds, walking along the paths, looking out over the shore, or relaxing by the fountain. The guest book is gathered up last, leaving time for anyone who didn’t get to it when they arrived to sign at this time.

As 6 p.m. approaches, a black stretch limo pulls up (OOC: how do they maneuver that thing through the parking lot anyway? *g*), and the wedding party piles in. (Arrangements have been made for their cars to be brought along.) They wave happily and boisterously to the guests as the limo pulls out.  Ties are loosened, shoes are kicked off, and techno music echoes in their wake; fellow fans of the series might recognize some Mass Effect. The limo waits at the bottom of the parking lot for the caravan to form.

Once everyone’s as organized as this lot’s likely to get, the driver of the “chase car” gives the limo the signal, and the caravan heads off to Marina del Rey. In the limo, there’s more chatting and relaxing as they head up Pacific Coast Highway. Most of the bar is non-alcoholic, but there are a few options for chemically-assisted relaxation. Even Roland indulges in a rum-and-coke. That may explain, when the limo turns off PCH onto Fiji Way, why he says “I want to go to Fiiiji.” At least one Red Dwarf fan groans.

An hour’s travel, give or take, is more than enough to move things from ceremony mindset to party mood, and the merrily lit Dream On only helps matters. The wedding party boards, making sure that everything is set up, then retreats to the Bridal Suite for champagne (or other preferred beverage) and snack platters while the other guests board, and cocktails and appetizers are served. Everyone has a chance to unwind and relax. Once it’s been confirmed that everyone who’s going to arrive has done so (OOC: obviously, everyone makes it on board in time *g*), the ship sets off and the festivities begin.

...except in blues...

…except in blues…

Continued in The Reception…

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