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Just Married 14 Feb 1998

Silver Anniversary Open House

You are cordially invited to a virtual open house in honor of the silver wedding anniversary of Morgan (aka Lorena) and Roland (aka Robin or Peter).

We’re going with a virtual party because so many of our friends live to far away to easily visit, and because of the difficulties of finding a time that wouldn’t exclude someone.

Rather than ask people to sign up for a third party service, we’ve set up a forum on our web site. Posting does require an email address (I wasn’t able to find a way around that), which isn’t displayed, but there’s a sticky post explaining an alternative if you’d rather not give one.

Please drop by, mingle, play music, swap stories — whatever you’d do at a physical-space gathering. After the 14th I may lock things down some to keep out spammers, but hopefully I won’t need to close it completely.

Thanks for joining us on this crazy adventure. :-)

Open House