Just Married 14 Feb 1998

Silver Anniversary Open House

You are cordially invited to a virtual open house in honor of the silver wedding anniversary of Morgan (aka Lorena) and Roland (aka Robin or Peter).

We’re going with a virtual party because so many of our friends live to far away to easily visit, and because of the difficulties of finding a time that wouldn’t exclude someone.

Rather than ask people to sign up for a third party service, we’ve set up a forum on our web site. Posting does require an email address (I wasn’t able to find a way around that), which isn’t displayed, but there’s a sticky post explaining an alternative if you’d rather not give one.

Please drop by, mingle, play music, swap stories — whatever you’d do at a physical-space gathering. After the 14th I may lock things down some to keep out spammers, but hopefully I won’t need to close it completely.

Thanks for joining us on this crazy adventure. :-)

Open House

One thought on “Silver Anniversary Open House

  1. Sandra Ragan

    Glad to see that there are still relationships like our parents had. Sad that mom is not here to wish you well. Her timing was not good but obviously she had long over due commitment for reuniting with dad.
    Wishing you many more happy anniversary’s.


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