Gift Registry

This is the one place in the whole process where we’ll cross the line into realspace money. Anyone who’d like to actually spend some actual cash is encouraged to visit our registry on and contribute to one of our chosen causes.

(UPDATE: is no longer there — if you still want to donate on our behalf, I’m sure you can find a cause we’d approve of :-).)

If you’re playing the home game and just want to tell us what you’d buy if we were asking for real gifts, then go ahead and post pictures, links, and whatever other description you want in the comments below :-).

Posting a link requires using standard HTML: <a href="FULL URL">text</a>

To include an image, the format is <img src="Image URL" />. The image won’t show up in a preview but should be in the final comment.

5 thoughts on “Gift Registry

  1. Lynn Douglass

    And one last gift, for both of you. Two dozen bottles of pomegranate mead made by mead. L'Chaim!

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