“Sacred Hunt” framed print

[Sacred Hunt]“Sacred Hunt,” by Jim Prindiville, apparently appeared in the September/October 1991 issue of “Art of the West,” but this is a framed print with a Certificate of Authentication sticker on the back that reads:

Title: Sacred Hunt
Artist: Jim Prindiville
Media: Art Card Signed
We hereby certify that to our knowledge and belief, this piece of art is as represented above.
(signature, “M Tu…”, can’t really make out the name)

The frame 14″x16″ and the visible portion of the print is 4.5″x6.5″. Frame and matting are black, though the inner matte is the same shade as the art’s background. This image is of the art; I can post an image of the framed print if desired (I did it this way since it’s hard to get a good image through the glass).

This is negotiable, but if you can arrange to pick it up, there’s no shipping charge :-). If I need to ship, the glass in the frame will necessitate extra care, so I’ll let the buyer know once I have a better idea.

Post offers in comments.

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    Comments carried over from old gallery site:

    Whats it worth?
    Posted by Patrick (guest) on Mon 07 Nov 2011 12:11:46 PM PST

    What’s it worth?
    As with anything, what someone is willing to pay for it. That’s not meant to be snarky, that’s just how it works.
    Posted by Morgan (guest) on Wed 30 May 2012 06:59:40 PM PDT

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