Random SCA stuff

I may make separate posts for some of these, but I want to get these listed. Also, check the site for things categorized as “SCA” and “Available.”

* light blue bodice (off-white lining), waist approx. 33″, fit for a D-ish bust
* 47″ long, 1.25″ wide brown leather belt, frame-style buckle (modern men’s wear, lightly used)
* 51″ long, 1.75″ wide brown leather belt, center-post frame-style buckle (noticeable wear, esp. on the inside)
* child’s trousers, elastic waist ~24″ (unstretched, stretches to ~30″), 28″ long, 17″ inseam; two pair, navy blue and med. grey, no obvious wear (no fly, so can be either boy’s or girl’s)
* boy’s breeches, ~19″ elastic waist (stretches to ~24″), fly opening, length 18.5″, inseam 8″; beige, grass stains and patches on the seat but still in solid shape (good field garb)
* child’s white “Biggins” cap/coif, almost certainly cotton, 10″ around neck, 15″ around face, 14″ ties
* ladies’ white “knickers”, ~30″ elastic waist (stretches to ~33″), 33″ long, 21″ inseam, white lace trim on legs. (These were made for a Civil War era gown for high school theater in the 70s, and are not particularly authentic to any period. The fabric is a cotton percale sheet.)

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