Pachinko machine — GONE

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Vintage (approx. 1978) pachinko machine, acquired years ago from a family member who no longer wants it. I had the mechanical part of it working at one point, until a then-small child tried shoving balls into the outlet and jammed it. I could probably fix it but I just didn’t feel like opening it up again. I believe I have all the parts to get the electronics working, but can’t guarantee it. One of the plastic pieces for the inner works is broken, but it’s a clean break and can probably be repaired.

Best offer, but I’m not paying for shipping just to get rid of it. I’m willing to travel in Southern California to save shipping, if a meeting can be worked out.





Detail, loose bits, and tub o’ balls:



  • Based on this site, the “expiration tag” indicates this one was last licensed in Shōwa 54, and so was manufactured about 1978:
  • I haven’t counted the balls, but with the plastic tub they weigh about 1974 grams. If one ball weighs 5.75g, then that’s about 343. On my kitchen scale 10 balls is 54g or (5.4g/ball), so that changes to estimate to 365. So, I have somewhere around 350 balls, more or less. Some are slightly rusted, so I don’t know how many will clean up enough to use.

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