I was going to list this on Craigslist, but then I did some research and discovered that it may be of value to someone. As always, friends and family get first shot. After that, back to Craigslist since I want to get it out of my kitchen. Old rolling office chair. Upholstery is damaged, framework is solid, but the wheels fall out easily if it’s lifted off the floor. Maybe someone else can figure out how to make them stay in, but it’s not worth my time. Good for a garage or other place where you want a rolling chair but don’t much care howRead More →

[stoppers and wires]

In cleaning out my kitchen drawers, I found some champagne stoppers and wires I bought at The Home Brewery many years hence (I’d estimate early ’90s). There are 25 wires and 22 (of the original 25) stoppers. I’m not so much looking to make a profit as getting them to someone who’ll use them. The labels read: Champagne Wires, 25 GG-38a $1.45 The Home Brewery 1-800-62 BREWER Champagne Stopper, 25 GG-38 $2.45 The Home Brewery 1-800-62 BREWER When I checked a few years back the phone number went to MoreBeer! in Riverside, but The Home Brewery was in Redlands at the time. Offers entertained inRead More →