[bead loom]

This is a custom loom my Dad made for me c.1991. The working length can be adjusted by moving the one upright and hook to another set of holes. Over time, I’ve lost one of the combs and the hook on the end (left in the pics) has gotten bent, but these are both easily replaceable (almost any plastic comb and a standard cup hook). Width: about 3″; Overall length: about 34″ Working length: adjusts to 6″, 12″, 16″, 20″, 24″, 26″, and 28″Read More →

This magazine was briefly published by Camp Fire Girls — I may have a substantial part of its run. They are in varying conditions, from “pretty good” to “large bits of cover missing.” After all, not many teens are worried about how much the mags will be worth in a few decades! IMO, these are of possible interest to those dealing with current teens, by way of showing them how much some things have changed while other things haven’t changed much at all. For reference (I haven’t been able to find much about this magazine online; not even an image of the logo), an excerptRead More →

I made this for myself but never wear it, so I’m looking to see if someone else thinks they might like it. It’s a sport-weight yarn, heather-grey, fabric content unknown but probably a standard acrylic. I also have a crocheted shawl of a slightly different design.Read More →

[stoppers and wires]

In cleaning out my kitchen drawers, I found some champagne stoppers and wires I bought at The Home Brewery many years hence (I’d estimate early ’90s). There are 25 wires and 22 (of the original 25) stoppers. I’m not so much looking to make a profit as getting them to someone who’ll use them. The labels read: Champagne Wires, 25 GG-38a $1.45 The Home Brewery 1-800-62 BREWER Champagne Stopper, 25 GG-38 $2.45 The Home Brewery 1-800-62 BREWER When I checked a few years back the phone number went to MoreBeer! in Riverside, but The Home Brewery was in Redlands at the time. Offers entertained inRead More →

Steve Jackson Games, Origins nominee for Best Fantasy Boardgame of 1981. More details Includes: Pocket Box 24 page rulebook 1 – 21″x16″ full color sheet. This sheet needs to be cut into 3 pieces (not 4 as stated in the rulebook). This results in a 16″x14″ map; an 8″x7″ sheet of charts and tables; an 8″ x 7″ double sided combat map. 1 sheet of 112 full color, single sided counters (already separated): 40 Furniture. 43 Coffins. 29 Characters. I’ve counted and verified that all contents are included. Make offers in the comments.Read More →

“Sacred Hunt,” by Jim Prindiville, apparently appeared in the September/October 1991 issue of “Art of the West,” but this is a framed print with a Certificate of Authentication sticker on the back that reads: Title: Sacred Hunt Artist: Jim Prindiville Media: Art Card Signed We hereby certify that to our knowledge and belief, this piece of art is as represented above. (signature, “M Tu…”, can’t really make out the name)Read More →