Steve Jackson Games, Origins nominee for Best Fantasy Boardgame of 1981. More details Includes: Pocket Box 24 page rulebook 1 – 21″x16″ full color sheet. This sheet needs to be cut into 3 pieces (not 4 as stated in the rulebook). This results in a 16″x14″ map; an 8″x7″ sheet of charts and tables; an 8″ x 7″ double sided combat map. 1 sheet of 112 full color, single sided counters (already separated): 40 Furniture. 43 Coffins. 29 Characters. I’ve counted and verified that all contents are included. Make offers in the comments.Read More →

“Sacred Hunt,” by Jim Prindiville, apparently appeared in the September/October 1991 issue of “Art of the West,” but this is a framed print with a Certificate of Authentication sticker on the back that reads: Title: Sacred Hunt Artist: Jim Prindiville Media: Art Card Signed We hereby certify that to our knowledge and belief, this piece of art is as represented above. (signature, “M Tu…”, can’t really make out the name)Read More →


The den has gotten rather full over the years, so this is our latest way of trying to find new homes for things that we no longer want but which we think someone else may. Some things will be for sale, and others “free to good home.” Please, look around, and leave a comment if you have a question or are interested in something.Read More →