[Aeon Covenant]

The Scanners/Highlander Players' Guide

By Peter Flanagan

Aeon Covenant (originally Phoenix Covenant, which was submitted to B.J. Zanzibar's White Wolf fan supplement web site in the late 90s) is my first RPG fan work; it therefore holds a special place in my heart. It has been updated several times, but is still extremely out of date. Although the entire site has been given a face lift, the text itself hasn't been changed in years.

Though I hope to modify and update this site to more fully reflect the many advancements to the Storyteller system (Trinity's psionics system and the "psiad" variant provided in the Aberrant Players' Guide in particular), until then Aeon Covenant will remain as it has been. I hope it remains a useful resource for players and Storytellers for years to come. In short, enjoy. 8^)

UPDATE: Quantakinesis has been completely rewritten with both traditional psychic energy manipulation and Scanners' origins in mind. It can be found in Chapter 2a: Powers of the Mind.