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Justice League: Avengers!

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The Justice League of America. The Mighty Avengers. Each group is a collection of the greatest, most powerful heroes of its respective universe.

The Amalgam Universe. A collaborative effort by DC and Marvel Comics, creating an entirely new realm of wonder, where heroes from the two companies are "amalgamated," or merged, into a single entity.

The Amalgamverse was filled with fantastic ideas, and a few that might not have been so great. 8^) Still, after three four-issue miniseries stories and two sets of one-shot Amalgam tales, the one obvious, colossal possibility that has remained largely unexplored is the Justice League: Avengers.

Called the "Judgment League Avengers" in the JLX Amalgam books, they are essentially a cameo group, with the collection of heroes being somewhat confused and diverse, which was appropriate at the time. Shortly after the second Amalgam series of one-shot stories, however, both the JLA and the Avengers reformed into their respective classic teams, or at least as much of them was available. Both books are among the best-selling comics at present, and in fact as of this writing JLA is far and away DC's biggest hit. The Avengers aren't far behind, in fact usually selling more issues than JLA, with only the main X-Men titles doing better for Marvel.

Clearly, the time of the JL: Avengers has come.

It should be noted that there are many Amalgam "continuities," and while the one-shots maintain a loose cohesiveness, there are infinite possible amalgamations. I present one below.


Once upon a time, there was the Invaders Society of America. Heroes of World War Two, champions of truth, justice and freedom, for a decade they were an unbeatable force. Then their leader, the Super-Soldier, vanished in battle with Ultra-Metallo. With his disappearance, the Invaders fell apart. The few who remained were disbanded, in a staggeringly ironic twist of fate, by the House of Un-American Activities Committee.

For another decade, beings with superpowers kept a low profile due to a climate of fear. There were a few exceptions, but in general the few metahuman agents worked for the governments, until the Flash appeared. His emergence and battle against Major Zemo was like a clarion call, and it didn't take long for others to answer. Atom Man, Iron Lantern, Hawkeye, the Black Wasp, Thorion and others soon followed. And when Lo'k D'Saad summoned a group of aliens to attack the Earth and frame the Martian Hulk as part of a plot against his half-brother, he unwittingly brought these heroes, along with the Golden Age heroine the American Amazon, together to combat them. The Flash, a long-time fan of the Whiz, suggested a name that somewhat resembled the old Invaders, and the Justice League of Avengers was born!

Visit the Avengers Satellite to meet the current team of "neo-classic" JL:Avengers.

Go to the Phantom-Negative Zone if you dare, to view some of the deadliest foes the League of Avengers have ever faced...the Secret Masters of Villainy!

Note: The 50s Super-Soldier, Dark Claw and Amazon stories have for the most part been classified as "Universe-Two" stories. Universe-Two is the primary alternate Amalgam reality, which diverges from Amalgamverse continuity with Super-Soldier's battle with Ultra-Metallo. In Universe-Two, Super-Soldier managed a narrow victory, and the ISA protected truth and justice for many more years. They slowly faded into the background as the years passed, allowing a new generation to emerge, with descendants like Wild Huntress and Power Spider working together as the Infinity Avengers (or I-Next) alongside newer groups such as the Fantastic Squadron and Freedom Fighters-X. (And yes, I know that this isn't the "original" Universe-Two that was wiped out in the Secret Crisis. It's pretty darn close, and cool besides. At least we've got a Universe-Two again!) If there's interest, I'll work up the old ISA and their descendants.

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