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Battle of the Planets: The Spectra Cycle

Spectra is winning.

They don't say it on the V-casts. They won't write it in Parliament analyses. They can't even admit it in Galaxy Security meetings. The truth is, however, that only G-Force has been able to prevent Zoltar and his implacable armies from overrunning the Intergalactic Federation. Even then, all the Federation can do is fight a holding action that slowly erodes as the dread hyper-advanced mecha created by Spectra's superior science whittle away at the Federation's robot armies.

Only one hope remains. G-Force must somehow find a way to realize their true potential, free the strategically vital world of Riga, and defeat Zoltar once and for all. Even then, is the entire war just a ploy? What does the mysterious Luminous One really want? To find out, you must read the Spectra Cycle, the final tale in...the Battle of the Planets!

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