[Eileen Jordan]


SECTOR: 2814


PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Human female, brown hair, brown eyes.

KNOWN RELATIVES: Hal Jordan (father), Carol Ferris-Jordan (mother), numerous "uncles"

STATISTICS: MARVEL SAGA system; D6-Legend system (coming eventually)
Note: We wrote Eileen up in the Marvel system before the DC Universe game was avalable. She's been re-written in that system, and the stats will be included here as soon as we can get to it.

HISTORY: Eileen lives in what is known to us as the Superman: The Animated Series universe (which includes, for GL purposes, pre-Crisis DC plus Emerald Dawn), with a few small changes. To tell the story of Eileen Jordan, it is best to start with the story of her father, Hal Jordan. Conveniently, the time difference places Hal's career in the 1960's, the height of the Silver Age.

When the Green Lantern of Sector 2814 was killed unexpectedly, Tomar-Re of 2813 came to find a successor. He found test pilot Hal Jordan, in an experimental flight simulator that suddenly became considerably more flight-capable. After explaining the power and responsibility of a Green Lantern, Tomar-Re instructed Hal to go to Oa for training, and returned to his home sector.

After training with Kilowog and defeating the vengeful alien known as Legion, Hal had an illustrious career as a Green Lantern, although few on Earth knew of his work. He defended Coast City from terrestrial supervillains, prevented alien invasions, and protected his sector from tyrants and thieves. His greatest ally in these endeavors was Barry Allen, the heroic Flash of Central City, though he also helped found the Justice League of America with Flash, Wonder Woman, the Martian Manhunter and Aquaman.

For over a decade he continued in this fashion, while working as a test pilot for Ferris Aircraft and romancing his employer, Carol. Carol Ferris returned the feelings but was ironically conflicted over another man whom she found attractive -- the dashing Green Lantern who had saved her life more than once.

Hal's career as a GL, however, came to a rather abrupt end. While uniting the Corps and the JLA against a cosmic crisis in the service of the Guardians -- the antimatter world of Qward attempted to destroy the positive matter multiverse -- Sinestro came to Earth in search of his arch-enemy. When Hal was no where to be found, he laid waste to much of Coast City, and imposed Star Sapphire on Carol Ferris. Hal, of course, rescued Carol and saved what was left of Coast City. He then told the Guardians where to stick his ring, and passed it on to Abin Sur, who would himself become a remarkable Green Lantern.

He told Carol of his secret, and the two settled down and married. Hal continued to defend Earth, albeit with more terrestrial weaponry, while Carol turned Ferris Aircraft into the world's premier aeronautics corporation.

Soon after their marriage, the Jordans had a daughter, Eileen (named for her "Uncle" Alan Scott). Unfortunately, due to complications with the delivery, they decided not to attempt having any more children.

Eileen grew up with an understandable love of aircraft, and there was never any question in her mind but that she'd become a pilot when she grew up. She was disappointed (to say the least) to find that the military wouldn't let her fly the "good stuff," not yet having decided to allow women in combat positions. With one of the best pilots around to train her, though, she eventually licensed on everything but commercial aircraft, and the only reason she's not a test pilot herself is that her parents, protective of their only child, all but begged her not to. Eileen respected their wishes. She took several piloting jobs over the years, the latest of which was contract work with the Forest Service firefighting division.

On a "routine" job, Eileen noticed that this particular fire appeared to have been started by a downed aircraft. As she circled the crash, a great, luminous green hand gently pulled her plane to the ground. The aircraft turned out to be a spacecraft, but what puzzled her even more was this red-skinned alien looking at her in almost-recognition and asking, "Jordan?" The pilot was Abin Sur, and his ring had selected Eileen as his successor. After she explained that she was, in fact, related to Hal Jordan, he briefed her on the Green Lantern Corps, the Power Ring, and Sinestro, then died shortly there-after, hiding the Lantern in a final act of defiance against the villain.

More to come . . . .


"In brightest day, in blackest night,
no evil shall escape my sight!
Let those who worship evil's might,
beware my power... Green Lantern's light!"

-- the oath of Alan Scott (the Golden Age Green Lantern), Hal Jordan, and many others



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