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Taking a cue from Roland, this page is dedicated to Morgan, my character in the running firefight known as the Callahanian Army of Light. She's written up here in a couple of different RPG systems. A brief history can be found under the pictures.


[Morgan Greywolf in supers mode - click for full-size image]

To give proper credit for the artwork, this was scanned in from Wolverine issue #125. The issue credits Edgar Tadeo & Gerry Alanguilan, inks, and Jason Wright, colors. I modified the costume slightly in a couple of places, but 99% of the credit goes to these fine artists.


[Morgan Greywolf as Solitaire - click for full-size image]

Original scanned in from the "Ultimate Mentalist" book, colorization by me.

RL history:
Morgan started out as my persona in the Society for Creative Anachronism. When I found alt.callahans, Morgan became my Callahanian "handle." During the first "Action, Adventure, Excitement" thread, my friend and SCA Clan Chief had his character seriously wounded. I had Morgan go out to help, and there Muirghein Dhaire of Clann Fhaoilcheire and Morgan Greywolf diverged. Morgan of the CAoL has been developing ever since.

IC history:
From her point of view, her beginnings are similar to the out-of-character explanation. Morgan grew up in the Scottish Highlands (with a few years in Ireland) in the early 14th century. Then, thorough some unknown means (but possibly tagging after her Chief), she came across an interdimensional nexus called Callahan's Place. While watching the CAoL's first fire-fight, Morgan saw her Clan Chief go down under a Klingon's betleH. She jumped through an X-window to help, not knowing the impact that decision would have on her life....

Morgan's memories of what happened to her after she first travelled to Oa are vague. One moment she was helping Seosaidh, the next she was charging into the final battle with two very special wolves for companions. In fact, at first she was one! Somewhere in the intervening time (currently believed to be the work of the Oans), she'd received some Bene Gesserit training and improved her magical skills. Now, even she's not sure what else she can do until she tries something.

Some of her more recent history can be on the Freelance Immortals mini-series. She and Roland continued to adventure with the CAoL until Morgan became pregnant. The two took an extended leave of absence from the CAoL during that time (despite Morgan's objections). Morgan eventually gave birth to twins, Rachel and Liam, both of whom have great power and potential. They have since returned to the CAoL.

More to come....

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