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This page is dedicated to Roland Phoenix, my character in the running firefight known as the Callahanian Army of Light. He's written up here in a couple of different RPG systems. The pictures on the left and right were created using "HeroMachine," though the new Defender costume was altered using Paint Shop Pro. A brief history of the character can be found below.

RL history:
Blaze is a culmination of several similar characters played over the last ten years. His home dimension is an amalgamation of Immortal: the Invisible War (by Precedence), the World of Darkness (from White Wolf), and Champions: New Millennium (Hero Games). Blaze himself has had many names, but his power-and heroism-has remained. Note: Roland X is copyright Peter Flanagan, but all other characters, organizations and settings are trademarks and/or copyright of their respective creators, and I'm not stupid enough to pretend otherwise. I'm standing on the shoulders of giants here. 8^)

IC history:
Roland X originates from a world known to cataloguers of such phenomena by the tag "Earth-9." It is a world that, on the surface, looks much like our own.

Secretly, however, a war is waged for the fate of reality.

The mighty Aeon Society is a subrace of immortals. Backed by the cosmically powerful Order of Reason, they seek to maintain a Masquerade of normality, convincing the vastly more numerous normal humans around them that neither they, nor any other supernatural entity or force, exists. Also allied with them are most of the few Kindred survivors of Gehenna. The Masquerade effectively "rules" the world, though they are uninterested in micromanagement.

Opposed to this force is Concordia, an alliance of the few remaining faerie folk, Garou, and wyld mages. They seek to restore wonder to the world...although this includes such "wonders" as hydras, basilisks, spectres, and others.

Playing both sides against the middle are the Nephandi, those who serve the Wyrm-corruption itself-and the Oblivion waiting in the heart of its coils. They are frighteningly egalitarian, though every faction schemes to be on "top" when the Apocalypse comes.

Roland was a very rare child, born to immortal parents. His heritage was kept secret from him until puberty, when his father revealed that he was of Pride Phoenix and his mother of Pride Sharakai. His unusually high level of power comes from this strong heritage. He was inducted into Aeon and began work as a psychic investigator, hunting Nephandi and unrelated horrors. But when he was sent on a mission against Concordia, Blaze rebelled. Threats were made, and Roland quit in disgust. He spent some time operating on his own, earning a reputation as a Freelance Immortal who was both noble and reliable.

Then, while worldwalking, he came across an interdimensional nexus called Callahan's Place...

Roland joined the battle as soon as the Place was invaded, and led the defense of Oa against Malice, the immortal Adversary. He also began the search for a lost comrade in Arcadia and became increasingly involved in leadership on a far-flung extension of that magickal realm. During that third adventure, he took the name Blaze and fell in love with his future wife, Morgan. Now married, he has since become the official leader of the Callahanian Army of Light and won perhaps his greatest battles, against the monstrous Malice and the tyrannical genius, Dr. Destroyer.

He recently discovered, with considerable help, a fourth faction on Earth-9: the Council of Nine, a force of balance and unity that the Nephandi had turned every other secret faction against. Recent events have caused a massive upheaval in Earth-9 politics, and created an alliance between the Order, Concordia, and Council of Nine (also known as the Lodge). The Nephandi continue to attempt to undermine the other factions, and have reorganized their "public" forces as the terrorist organization VIPER; worse, the ancient menace, the Destroyer, has returned. Roland and Morgan gathered allies to champion the mortals; the full story can be found in the Freelance Immortals miniseries. After several more adventures, Morgan became pregnant, and the two took an extended leave of absence from the CAoL during that time. Morgan eventually gave birth to twins, Rachel and Liam, both of whom have great power and potential. They have since returned to the CAoL, though his activities are limited by fatherhood as well as his duties as leader of the Champions.

"Immortals" on Earth-9 use the Aberrant system, though as the Storyteller version of Roland below demonstrates, they tend to gather their abilities under the more general aegis of an "Elemental Mastery" power. Immortals do not have Mega-Attributes; instead, they can purchase "Mega-Halo," which gives them great control over their Halo powers, and uses all the Mega-Attribute rules when applied to any Halo power. Enhancements for Mega-Halo include, but are not limited to: Adaptation, Hardbody, Quantum Attunement, Regeneration, and/or Taint Resistance. In addition, an immortal can purchase any number of techniques for a Level 3 power, at twice the cost of an enhancement. Also, Halo levels above 4 can be purchased without Taint under the following conditions: possession of the enhancement Taint Resistance, a Willpower at least equal to the level of Halo (Quantum) desired, and both Mega-Halo and Node at the level of Halo above 4 desired. Reaching a Halo of 10 without Taint is possible, but should require impressively heroic efforts.

Also, Taint has a slightly different effect on immortals; in addition to being able to purchase more mystical Aberrations (if the immie's "paradigm" is appropriate), at Taint 10 the immortal does not become a Storyteller character. The player, however, may end up preferring that option, as the Tainted immortal is instead shunted to a blasted Umbral realm called the Dominions. Immortals twisted and enslaved by the Wyrm, the ancient enemy known to the Aeon Society as the Silhouette, inhabit this realm. If a PC remains sane enough, there are places in the Dominion where the character can cleanse enough permanent Taint to return to the Tellurian. Then all they have to do is evade the Droves, escape the many "natural" traps, and brave the vast forces surrounding each of the pitifully rare portals...

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