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This is Earth-9:

A world of Darkness struggling toward the Light

A universe of Champions being reborn from the ashes of a Sundering

A realm of Immortal battle shattered by a Reckoning

Welcome to my world.

Earth-9 is a combination of White Wolf's World of Darkness setting and the Champions Universe of Hero Games (including parts of their New Millennium setting). It also includes a few elements from Immortal: the Invisible War by Precedence, though these have been reduced drastically by the events of the Reckoning and the resulting Wildstrike. It is a world of bright hope and dark mystery, a time of great heroes and terrible evil.

Welcome to a world of infinite possibility for good and evil. We hope you enjoy the ride. 8^)

What Has Gone Before: a summary

Once upon a time, the Solar Realm was a beacon of freedom, unity and hope. The Champions of Atlan protected the world from all manner of evil. But that was the First Age, and it was shattered long ago.

Succeeding Ages further fractured humanity's unity. Many legends came about during this time, and many forces rose up to defend those in need from the terrible legions of Corruption. But they no longer trusted one another, and warred with each other as much as they did with the Wyrm. The Second Age was marked by vast empires of supernatural power ended by a cataclysmic invasion of the Wyld. The Third Age was the beginning of recorded history, and the birth of the ancient empires of Egypt, the Incas and the Middle Kingdom (China). And the Fourth Age, the Mythic Age, saw the rise of Greece and Rome and the flaring up of the rivalry between science and magick.

In the depths of the Dark Ages, a group of order-minded forces allied to put an end to ignorance, superstition, and fear--by destroying the power of magic itself. The immortal Society of Aeons, the will-workers of the Order of Reason, and a council of vampires known as the Camarilla formed the Masquerade. Others flocked to their banner, using their powers to hide themselves from mundane humanity. It was incredibly ambitious, and the powers of magic and spirit throughout the world thought it insane. Who could wipe away the memory of all the wonders and horrors of the past?

It worked. The Fourth Age came crashing to a halt, and the Fifth Age began.

Since then, the Fifth Age has been a series of clandestine conflicts between the Masquerade, the Traditions of Magick and the faerie, and the Wyrm's forces, with the werewolves fighting all sides. Insane forces of Wyld chaos added to the precarious mix.

But now, the Champions have returned, and everything is changing again...

Links to the past:

A Sixth Age? Maybe...

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