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Following the explosive events at the end of AAE IV (a battle that shook the multiverse; see the Callahanian Army of Light website for further details), Roland and Morgan returned home to Earth-9, determined to end the destructive secret wars that were being fought among the hidden supernatural beings of the world.

They would succeed, only to find that an ancient enemy had similar plans....

Freelance Immortals is a miniseries in six parts, in the style of a comic book limited series.

To put it very briefly, Earth-9 is a mixture of White Wolf's World of Darkness© setting, Hero Games' Champions Universe, and Precedence's Immortal: the Invisible War game. For more details, see the Roland Phoenix character writeup.

Unique punctuation

The members of the CAoL are not all limited to verbal speech. Several have telepathic abilities of some degree, and we also share a psi-web (q.v.). Different folx indicate a non-verbal communication in different ways, and some have several notations to differentiate between forms.

This list is a convention for various forms of communication the group agreed to in approximately March 1998. Only the applicable notations have been retained; for the full list, see the CAoL website.

Current notation
"this" Spoken (pretty standard already) -- if the spoken is in other than "common" (i.e. English) it can be so noted. This should cover Dragon, Japanese, etc.
/this/ the CAoL mini-lens based psi-web
*this* non-CAoL-link telepathy, or any other wide form
^this^ "private" links/telepathy (like Roland and Morgan's private link and any other 1-to-1 links)
[this] private thoughts, as in thinking to ones self and not sending to anyone, internal dialogs, etc.
{this} radio and other "mechanically" enhanced comm, like Trek-style communicators, B5-style links, walkie-talkies, etc.
#this# Cyber-psi communication to, and from, electronic, computerized or mechanical devices and characters.
() or {} (nothing inside) for data sent in "packets," like locational information or data blocks within another message (example: *They are located () here.*)
(/) Roland
Morgan /|\
Freelance Immortals: Worlds saved, paradigms refined, villains undone.
Send inquiries c/o Callahan's place.

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