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This is the official site for T2M's Songbird, done by her first and biggest fan: her daughter :-). If you're looking for the Marvel character, check out marvel.com.

NAME: Samantha Carter

HANDLE: Songbird

ERUPTED: October 31, 2005

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Female, brown hair, hazel-green eyes.
Many thanks to Kabalarius for this beautiful artwork of Songbird. Clicking on the picture will get you the full-sized version.

ASSIGNMENT: Team Tomorrow Central

OCCUPATION (before eruption): ER Nurse, mother

OCCUPATION (after eruption): T2M member, Novox singer, mother

KNOWN NOVA ABILITIES: Sonic projection and control, including mega-human control of her voice, flight, sonic blasts, and a forcefield.

BIOGRAPHY: Like many novas, Samantha Page lived a normal life before her eruption. As a single mother (divorced) and an ER nurse, she had little spare time for her singing, let alone for worrying about the effect of novas upon the world, except when it entered her own. (Even now, she talks about the day her hospital received the AIDS vaccine.) As one might imagine, such a life is quite sufficient to build the kind of stress required to ignite the M-R node.

Then, two weeks before Samhain (Halloween), the Pursuer was brought into the ER, having been attacked by multiple novas believed to be members of the Cartel. Sam was "bathed in the Power Cosmic," as the comic books would say. In other words, she was exposed to raw quantum energies — another stimulus known to trigger a node. Over the next several days, she began to experience the headaches known to be a symptom of a developing node, though they could also be easily explained by overwork and uncooperative patients.

The events of Halloween of 2005 are well known — the pirate broadcasting of the Null Manifesto, and the many resulting reactions. Sam's, along with her wiccan "circle," was to pray and work for peace and tolerance. Some of the work involved singing. During one high point in a song, not originally meant to be the climax, Sam felt inspired, and began to sing from her heart. When the moment passed, she discovered that she was the only person singing. Everyone else was staring at her, some in awe, others in shock, and a few in naked adulation. Sam the nova received her first marriage proposal that night; it wouldn't be the last.

She didn't require much convincing to travel to the Miami Rashoud facility, where (like most novas) she learned to control and develop her powers. She met a number of Utopia novas early on, including some who would become close friends. While she was wooed by several rival concerns (all of which have deep pockets), she chose to remain with Project Utopia due to her innately idealistic nature. Even before her official entry into the Project, Sam was being groomed for a place within Team Tomorrow; the combination of her powers and ideals made her a perfect choice for membership within the backbone of the Project.

During this process, her musical talents continued to develop. Singing had always been one of Sam's loves and hobbies, and once the extent of her gifts became known, the offers came pouring in. She chose a mid-range label that was friendly to alternate religions yet capable of handling the demand for novox music. It wasn't until her legendary performance during the peace talks prior to the Second Kashmir War, however, that the idea for Paean came together. By combining her musical gifts with modern equipment, mythic songs from many cultures, and an understanding of many musical genres, Sam and the Paean crew created a modern masterpiece. Her soft-rock rendition of John Barleycorn remains in Top 40 playlists throughout the United States and Europe over two years later.
Paean track list and selected lyrics

Her biggest release outside of her own albums was the remake of "When You Believe," with Alejandra, which was released with the debut of Dreamworks' animated film "Avalon's Knight," about a reborn Lancelot and Morgaine forced to fight together against a mysterious evil (that looked an awful lot like certain wanted novas that I can't mention here :-). The song was a chart buster for months, and the producers were so impressed, well, I'm sure those of you who saw the movie recognized Morgaine's voice.

In the midst of all this, Sam also began dating again. :-) Though her relationship with Caestus Pax was the source of more speculation (and pointless media over-coverage) than anything else in Songbird's life since her eruption, it was originally nothing "more" than two people whom circumstances brought together and mutual attraction held together. It has since blossomed into true love, as I can attest to, having gotten cavities just watching them. The two have since married, as you're almost certainly aware; you can read the full article in the news archives.

With such a prominent relationship in her life, and being a member of Team Tomorrow, Sam realized that her religious beliefs would become known sooner or later. Worse, if she was "outed," all manner of ugly rumors — or outright lies — might have been spread. So she came to the decision to hold her now-famous "out of the broom closet" press conference. Despite a few attempts to disrupt the conference by "reporters" from magazines with unsympathetic religious views, the event was orderly and surprisingly straightforward. On a brief personal note, I'd like to thank the vast majority of the reporters there for handling the entire situation with tact and restraint.
(Press conference excerpts pending)

In an amusing epilogue, while radical groups (especially the Church of Michael Archangel) accuse Songbird of being the devil's tool, estimates indicate that the number of "pagans" (defined for these purposes as modern Western polytheists) have quintupled in North America and Europe. "Wicca," the Goddess-oriented faith that we follow, has enjoyed an even greater renaissance. Incidentally, it has been suggested by many that the increasing numbers might be as much a matter of existing pagans "going public" as people choosing a path that has suddenly become "acceptable."

Of course, since Songbird is a member of Team Tomorrow, there is a large segment of people whose primary interest in her activities is quite simple: what has she blown up, and did it look good on camera? :-) (Tomorrow Trivia: One of the "rivals" that tried to get Sam to join was the XWF! She was flattered, but not really interested. I guess it just goes to show, even the XWF can have good taste sometimes. ;-) Given her powers, Songbird is more suited to negotiation (and music) than battle, but her more physical sonic powers allow her to engage in nova combat and perform respectably. She has been part of a number of crime fighting missions against both the C-Z Syndicate and the Cartel, and fought with distinction during both the Second Kashmir War and the Trans-Tanzania Conflict. She was also part of the Team Tomorrow operation aimed at the Nullifiers, the self-proclaimed "Arm of the Teragen." (Those Teragen not wanted for terrorism deny any affiliation with these "would-be super-villains," in the words of Count Raoul Orzaiz. Personally, I think it's a crock, but then, I'm just a fifteen-year-old baseline, what do I know? ;-)

During the "lost year" while Slider was believed dead, Songbird worked to keep her alive and expose Proteus. She had to keep them from finding out she was on to them, keep me out of their hands, stop the Teragen from using it as an excuse to wage all-out war on Utopia, and oh yeah, keep the American Evil party from framing the Fireman and installing a dictator. Not bad for a year's work. Currently, she's getting back to "normal," which means touring, doing charity work, and fighting for a better tomorrow.

CURRENT EVENTS: Songbird has returned to active duty with Team Tomorrow Central, which continues to monitor activity in Africa and the Middle East. Expect to see her play a major role in the latest round of negotiations attempting to defuse the volatile Kashmir situation.

Songbird postponed all of her appearances for obvious reasons last month. At least this year it was for more pleasant reasons!

TOUR SCHEDULE: Due to the cancellations mentioned above, the tour schedule is under revision. The complete schedule will be posted when it's finalized. In the meantime, check with your local venue; they'll have the revised dates available before I do.

She does expect to make NovaCon 2009 and Novox Heaven V; we're deliberately juggling her schedule so that Songbird can fulfill her commitments to both. Those of you lucky enough to have been at Novox Heaven IV earlier this year got to see Songbird and Blaze perform an impromptu duet. Keep watching!

ROLE-PLAYING RESOURCES: Quasar's doing up T2M RPG stats; here's Songbird's. How much the writeup describes Mom's actual powers, well...that's classified ;-).

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