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What is the Tao of Hypertime?

The Tao of Hypertime is my new website, as a result of a radical redesign inspired by my wife. The origin of the name is a bit more complicated.

Taoism is a system of belief based on the concept of balance and acceptance of a natural harmony. In brief, tao simply means "way," and Taoism is essentially a philosophy based on understanding the Way of the universe through a primal acceptance of it for what it is. My Taoism is deeply imperfect, as I am far too Yang to embrace some of its fundamental concepts. For me, however, the path is as important as the goal in this case, and I strongly believe that every Way is as personal as it is universal. See the Introduction to Daoism at the excellent Daoism Depot for a more in-depth explanation of this ancient belief system.

Hypertime is a concept created by Grant Morrison, Mark Waid, and other DC Comics writers to explain the nature of timelines in the DC Universe, though the model was deliberately meant to have utility in any fictional setting. Hypertime is more than a fancy word for the existence of multiple timelines; Hypertime threads can touch, merge, separate, and flow through each other, each "kingdom of wonder" influencing and affecting the others. Though DC has largely ignored this work of genius, Hypertime may yet receive the recognition it deserves. The Unofficial Hypertime Website is was a great resource for the subject, until it disappeared with GeoCities And of course, there's always the Wikipedia entry on Hypertime.

Thus the Tao, or Way, of Hypertime is an expression of harmony in the ebb and flow of fictional reality, a belief in the wonder that can result when minds remain open and concepts are shared and respected.

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