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What happened to Rocket Central?

Back when creating a personal website was "in," and with some urgings from my wife, Roland's Silver Gateways were born. When we purchased the silver-gateway domain, my personal site needed a new name. Rocket Central was the space station headquarters of the Squadron Supreme, Marvel's...homage to the Justice League of America. It fell to earth at the beginning of Mark Gruenwald's epic Squadron Supreme maxi-series, which in some ways symbolizes the Squadron's subsequent fall from grace. Superheroes as a whole began to "fall to earth" soon after, and I felt a certain poetic justice in putting Rocket Central back in the sky; thus, the Rocket Central website was born.

I would have used the actual Silver Age JLA station, but it didn't really have a name of its own. The Watchtower of the Justice League cartoon series is a combination of the old satellite and the lunar "Watchtower" base used by the current comic-book JLA. (I wasn't about to use "Hall of Justice" for reasons that I hope are obvious.)

Then my wife intervened again. She wanted to redo the site using her increased knowledge of site design, and I decided that it was time to rename the place as a result of my own growth. Thus, the Tao of Hypertime was born. And yet, in Hypertime's infinite expanse, Rocket Central will fly forever, serenely protecting its world and people from all villainy. As long as we remember that brief, shining moment called the Silver Age, it can never truly die.

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