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Welcome! I prefer to let my work stand on its own, but a couple of refs to other fanfics and official Zelda works need mentioning:

I make a reference to the excellent fic "Time Cannot Erase" by the lovely and talented CallistoHime, and a tip of the hat to a cool character from "LoZ: The Return" by Rose Zemlya. I also very occasionally use dialogue directly taken or derived from Nintendo games, mainly Ocarina, and one line from the Ocarina manga.

Standard disclaimer: I don't own any of these people, places or things. Heck, even most of the verbs belong to someone else. *g* All characters and settings © Nintendo. Hey, they've earned it.

If you like this story, or if you have any constructive criticism, please leave a note in our gaming site. Make sure you note that you're referring to Parallel Symphony.

© 2007, ; characters and setting © Nintendo

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