Three To Go

Samhain - All Saints Day - Election Day

Writer's Note, 17 Oct: As the importance of doing something like this becomes even clearer to me (see this discussion on DailyKos on whether perhaps the Bushies have been doing some "will working" of their own.), I want to make it perfectly clear that I do not feel any vested interest in people using this "campaign" to counter Bush. If someone else wants to organize something, more power to them. I couldn't care less if I get any credit for the idea, I just want those people out of power where they can't do any more damage to this country and the world.

The GOP recently sent out an appeal for its supporters to volunteer to help out on the final 72 hours of the campaign. This "72-Hour Task Force" is supposed to start in churches on Sunday morning, Oct. 31, and continue through election day.

We on the other side need to be at least as motivated and effective. Therefore, I ask everyone to help out going into the final three days*. This is a two-pronged effort, and it is of course up to each individual to decide how they want to participate. This call is intended for wiccans, Wiccans, druids, pagans, neo-pagans, heathens, indigenous traditionalists, Christians (and others) who believe in freedom of religion for everyone, secular humanists, atheists who think that thoughts have power, and anyone and everyone else who wants to participate in some way.

The first part is the "spiritual." Raise energy. Cast spells. Pray. Meditate. Practice the Power of Positive Thinking. Indulge in one of the more enjoyable methods of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (one example, not for the over-sensitive *g*). Do whatever it is you do, alone or as part of a group. The specifics are left to the individual, but if you're unsure, the "education" part of the next step should help. Also, this is a way for those who can't do much on the physical side (like citizens of other countries) to still contribute to the effort.

The second part is the "physical." If it's not already too late where you live (state-by-state deadlines), register to vote ( is one place to start). Educate yourself on the candidates and issues on your local ballot, from the federal races on down. Talk to others, and educate them. Contact a local party or candidate's office and offer to help before and on Election Day. Many groups are mounting voter registration, education, and Get Out The Vote drives.

Help others to vote (again, some suggested sites are and Recent elections have had problems like voters in Native American areas being turned away from the polls because they couldn't show "proper ID," even though such ID was not required by law. If you are in, or can travel to, an area with a high risk for voter intimidation, suppression, or fraud, offer to help. If you aren't in or can't make it to such an area, you can still help with GOTV efforts. Offer to work a phone bank or drive people to the polls. Take snacks to people who are spending the day working on helping voters. Do whatever you think will make the best use of your time and skills.

And above all, exercise the right that so many have fought so hard for -- VOTE. Not just in the presidential race, but those for Senate, Congress, state and local legislators, and things like ballot propositions. If you know you're going to be busy all day, or if you just want to make sure your vote has a paper trail, vote absentee if you qualify in your state. (In California, anyone can vote absentee, and you can drop off your ballot at a polling place on Election Day if you don't get it in the mail in time. Other states vary on qualifications and timelines.)

It has been said by many wiser than I that this is the most important election of our lifetime. Whether "the most" is true or not, it is important. I call on all Americans to make their voices heard, in ways both mundane and esoteric, and ask others who are unable to vote in America to lend us their energies, prayers, and/or general good vibes. Much depends on what happens in America on November 2.

Light Bless America.

* I thought it would go without saying, but as it's been brought up -- this campaign in no way precludes working before the final three days! It's just a request for that extra push going down to the wire.

(last modified: 1 Nov 2004)