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Occasionally I'm asked, "So what about your home page? Don't you have a personal site?"

For a while, I considered it a case of the cobbler's children going without shoes. Then I actually made time to work on my site, to redesign that page that's still based on the first page I did on GeoCities back in early 1997.

And I realized that, between the Greywolf Web Weaving site, the Callahanian Army of Light site, and Wolfestead (my SCA household site), there really wasn't much else left for me to put on a home page. :-)

So, what you'll find here is links to other places, including some of my old pages from GeoCities.

  • Kestrel's 7th Sea site, with resources and information for my favorite swashbuckling RPG (Capt. Kestrel is my main PC)
  • My medical page, for people who want to keep up with my condition
  • A page for our weddings, both VR and RL
  • Bumper Sticker Wisdom: some short sayings and quotes I've found meaningful or amusing. A random example:
  • Lorena's Home Page (this grew out of my first-ever web page design; I keep it around to remind me how much I've learned since my first attempts at HTML in 1997)
  • The Grove of the Sacred Well: Another outdated page, which is being replaced by a more general philosophical page.

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