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Welcome to the Order of the Hallows of Avalon

The Order of the Hallows of Avalon — also known as the Knights Avalonian — is an organization that is based on modern (or Neo) Pagan mysticism and the Celtic legends of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.

The Knights Avalonian is an order of Modern Knighthood based in Druidic mysticism. We are an initiatory tradition of Knighthood which holds as its core values the Code of Chivalry as devised by Kerr Cuhulain in his book, Modern Knighthood: Unleashing Your Inner Power to Master Yourself and the World (2010). We see ourselves as warriors, and specifically as Knights in the tradition of Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, though admittedly without the Christian context that has become attached to that legend.

The Order encourages people to take control of their lives by becoming self-aware and using that awareness to know when, where, and how to apply that knowledge. We believe that this can be done both physically and mystically, meaning that in addition to how you affect your mundane world every day there is a way to do so using mystical or divine energies. Some people call this “Magic” or “Magick” — we simply use the word “power”, or “energy” — you can call it what you like. Sir Roland likes to call it “Chi,” for example, while Sir Seosaidh typically calls it “The Force” or “Nwyfe” (Nuh-WEE-fey). Our guiding principles of how to do this responsibly are laid out in the Code of Chivalry, which consists of 13 Principles and 13 Precepts which are taught through the stories of Arthurian Myth.

The Order is an initiatory tradition, meaning that people progress through levels of learning, often called “Degrees” in the Pagan community. However, the path of initiation is only one way in which people can participate. Our auxiliary organization, the Fellowship of the Hallows of Avalon, is a group of people who wish to participate, either because they are connected to a member of the Order or simply because they are drawn to the Arthurian mysticism, but do not wish to become initiated in our path. Sister Muirghein is an Initiate of the Ring of Birch in the Henge of Keltria, and acts as a “Chaplain”, or someone who is initiated in another tradition but hasn’t been called to the Warrior’s Path. She isn’t a Knight, nor does she plan to become one — but her knowledge and wisdom are valued, and there will always be a place for her here. Others may choose to be Sergeants or Yeomen, and children may participate with their parent’s permission as Pages. We strive to provide a place where all are welcome, regardless of age, race, gender, sexual orientation, or even religion. No, you don’t have to be a Pagan to join us, as long as you are respectful of our traditions.

Sometimes you will see initiatory groups use the term “mystery tradition.” In many — though not necessarily all — cases this means that some information is reserved for higher levels of initiation. In other words, you can’t get that information unless you are at “X” degree of initiation. We are not a “mystery” tradition in that sense — there are no secrets here! There are no revelations for us to give you, all lessons and learning are available to anyone at all times. In order to get recognition for a given lesson, you do have to have completed all the previous training, but we conceal nothing from our students as “a third-degree mystery.” Sister Muirghein points out that there is another meaning, perhaps an older one, to the word “mystery”, meaning “divinely revealed.” However, you’ll have to find those mysteries on your own, because you have them already within you. We can’t reveal them to you because we don’t have them; each Seeker must follow his or her own path. We don’t post all of the information on the internet, because some of it is copyrighted. You’ll have to buy your own copy, but the materials are always listed for you to find.

We are also not a martial arts school, though we do use some martial arts techniques in our training. These are done as energy and flow drills, intended to help you learn focus and increase reaction time, both mentally and physically. It’s important to understand that we are not teaching you to fight. While the Order does attract some martial artists, there are many members who have little or no formal training.

Lastly, we are a spiritual organization, but not a religious organization or church. We don’t have any special tax status and we don’t ordain. Any members of the Order who happen to be ordained have done so elsewhere. Several of our members are ordained through the Universal Life Church, which offers free ordination to all. Our primary purpose is to help people find their Warrior path and to serve the community.

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