The den has gotten rather full over the years, so this is our latest way of trying to find new homes for things that we no longer want but which we think someone else may. Some things will be for sale, and others “free to good home.” Please, look around, and leave a comment if you have a question or are interested in something.Read More →

I don’t yet know if it’s a theme thing, or a plugin thing, or what, but some images aren’t showing (mainly in the slider). Working on it. The images are still in the posts.Read More →

This is a catch-all for the books I’m looking to find new homes for. Some may end up on eBay, most I’m willing to give away. Consider this post a work in progress, as I’ll be updating the table from time to time.Read More →

Update: I think this new theme should work out, but if you notice any problems with the site please let me know. Thanks! I’m not sure what’s up, but I recently discovered that the theme I used for this site has gotten wonky. Reinstalling hasn’t helped, so I’m looking into alternatives. Thank you for your patience.Read More →

I may make separate posts for some of these, but I want to get these listed. Also, check the site for things categorized as “SCA” and “Available.” Garb: * light blue bodice (off-white lining), waist approx. 33″, fit for a D-ish bust * 47″ long, 1.25″ wide brown leather belt, frame-style buckle (modern men’s wear, lightly used) * 51″ long, 1.75″ wide brown leather belt, center-post frame-style buckle (noticeable wear, esp. on the inside) * child’s trousers, elastic waist ~24″ (unstretched, stretches to ~30″), 28″ long, 17″ inseam; two pair, navy blue and med. grey, no obvious wear (no fly, so can be either boy’sRead More →

I was going to list this on Craigslist, but then I did some research and discovered that it may be of value to someone. As always, friends and family get first shot. After that, back to Craigslist since I want to get it out of my kitchen. Old rolling office chair. Upholstery is damaged, framework is solid, but the wheels fall out easily if it’s lifted off the floor. Maybe someone else can figure out how to make them stay in, but it’s not worth my time. Good for a garage or other place where you want a rolling chair but don’t much care howRead More →


[NOTE: The beads have a new home but I still have the conchos, so I’ve moved them to the top.] I also have a leather concho (see image), and a bag of 10 1″ metal conchos that look to be these.Read More →


Lots and lots — more than I want to list here :-). Our full collection can be found on our Collectorz account, but it looks like they removed the ability to see which are marked for sale. Meanwhile, here’s a list moved from another section of the site, until I have a chance to compare it to Collectorz. Take it with a grain of salt. 🙂 (Links go to for reference, but they’re old and haven’t been checked in a while.) DC Title # Date Notes Batgirl 12 Mar-01   Batman 397 Jul-86 Triumph of Two-Face (4th printing) Batman 424 Oct-88   Batman 429Read More →